Pokemon Go is a free-to-play mobile version of a classic Pokemon game where the aim is to catch, evolve and grow your collection of unique Pokemon Monsters and battle or support others in Pokemon Gyms. Using points of interest data from Google Maps, the augmented reality interface displays in-game features like PokeStops, Pokemon Gyms and Pokemons around you.

How to play Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is about catching, hatching, collecting and evolving unique Pokemon Monsters by physically moving around to explore the game’s map. Find PokeStops to stock up on supplies like PokeBalls or Pokemon eggs. Catch Pokemons near you skillfully with PokeBalls! For a more detailed guide on how to play Pokemon Go, check out our guides section.

Pokemon Trainer

Gotta Catch Em All!

IAt Pocket Gamer we are avid fans of the game by Niantic. We are a team of game fanatics with one ultimate goal - to catch em all! Since the Pokemon Go game launched on July 6th 2016 we have had amazing moments where we catch a particularly rare Pokemon or terribly sad moments where said Pokemon got away. We’ve collected a lot of information on the way and we wanted to share it with you so that you too can have amazing moments on Pokemon Go. You’ll find the following helpful sections on our site:

  • A comprehensive Pokemon Go Guide on how to start and know all the functionalities.
  • Pokemon Go Tips tell you how to get ahead of the rest.
  • The Pokedex you’ll find the full Pokemon Go Pokemon List.
  • Our favourite section is the Pokemon Go Map showing all Pokemon locations.
  • We share some special and memorable moments in the Journals section.
  • News section covers special events or game updates on Pokemon Go from Niantic

Pokemon Teams

Why is Pokemon Go so popular?

So you’ve yet to experience the unique offering of Pokemon Go? In the game if you follow your way to the pink glitter marking lured PokeStops, don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with a warm and fuzzy feeling by seeing a host of other like-minded players of all ages hanging around and catching the same Pokemons as you.

And nothing beats the experience of being in a mob of Pokemon Go players rushing to a spot where a Dragonite was caught… then seeing it appear on your own screen! What about the ever elusive Lapras? Given up hope that you will ever see a Lapras on your screen? Check out the Pokemon Go Map - problem solved!

We know why Pokemon Go is so popular as we have enjoyed many fun and crazy moments of catching bizarre or rare Pokemons and we want to share the fun journey with you. Check out the various sections of our site to be the next Pokemon Go master trainer!


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