Pokemon Stardust

What is Stardust?

Stardust is an item that can be used to power up your Pokémon, increasing its CP and HP. It cannot be purchased from the shop and therefore needs to be earned which makes it one of the most valuable items of the game.

How can I get the stardust?

There are few ways to earn stardust:

Catching Pokémon:

Each time you catch a Pokémon, you'll be awarded 100 Stardust and three Pokémon Candy, specific to the Pokémon you just caught.

Hatching an egg:

Each time you hatch an egg, you're awarded with Stardust, Pokémon Candy, and XP! The amount of Stardust you'll receive depends on how long it took to hatch the egg - 2km, 5km, or 10km and CP of the hatched Pokémon.

Defending a Gym:

Once the player has reached level 5 and chosen a Team, the player can fight claim an unclaimed gym or help defend a gym owned by your team.

When you have place a Pokémon to defend a gym, you can get a defender bonus every 21 hours. To claim this bonus, you need to go to Shop page and look for a shield icon in top right. The number inside the icon is the total number of gym you are currently defending.

Pokemon collect stardust

When should I use stardust?

Pokemon use stardust

Stardust is an incredibly important resource. The amount of stardust required for power up a Pokémon increases with higher level of Pokémon. As you increase the trainer level and find tougher Pokémon, stardust will quickly scale to Pokémon’s level, costing thousands per power up. With this in mind, limit spending too much and upgrade only Pokémon’s with high level.

The semi-circular arc above the Pokémon, display’s its level. This determine the number of stardust needed for power up.