What is Pokéball?

Pokemon Pokeball

A Pokeball is an Item in Pokemon Go used to capture Wild Pokemon. Pokeballs can be obtained as progression rewards in Pokemon Go or can be purchased as in-app microtransactions.

Pokemon Pokeball Pokeball Level 1
Pokemon Great Ball Great Ball Level 12
Pokemon Ultra Ball Ultra Ball Level 20

How to get more poke balls in Pokémon GO?

Pokemon PokeStop

Pokémon Go is based on another popular Niantic game called Ingress. Both encourage players to explore the world around them, rewarding them with virtual items when they reach real-life landmarks highlighted by the app. In Pokémon Go, they’re called Pokéstops.

Pokéstops are marked on the game’s map with a floating blue cube. Tapping them will show more details about the landmark, including a photo. Players can only collect items if they are close enough to the PokéStop. If the app deems you’re close enough, swipe the image of the landmark to spin it, and it’ll spit out three or more items. When you claim items from a PokéStop, the icon turns from blue to purple, but PokéStops refresh about every five minutes so you can return to collect more items.

The Pokéstops rewards you with Pokéballs depending upon your player level. The following is the list of pokeballs which you can unlock at different player level.